2011 General Meeting


The General Meeting represents an essential time for the presentation, expression and decision-making of our Group.

General Meeting of 18 May 2011

Documents published at the end of the GM

General Meeting presentation (French version only)

1.5 Mo

Vote results

34 Ko

Preparatory documents for the GM


2.1 Mo

Convocation, agenda and resolutions

656 Ko

Management report

1 Mo

Consolidated financial statements

284 Ko

Corporate financial statements

227 Ko

Report on the consolidated accounts

52 Ko

Report on the corporate accounts

47 Ko

Report on the Chairman’s report

44 Ko

Report on regulated agreements

62 Ko

Request form for documents to be sent

17 Ko

List of Board members

21 Ko

Company’s earnings over the last 5 years

29 Ko

Director file of Mercedes Erra

22 Ko

Director file of Richard Nottage

105 Ko


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