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Société de la Tour Eiffel is characterised by a culture of proximity. Over time, this is what drives us to go ever further in the services we offer, in line with evolving needs and the transformation of uses.


We help you define your Mobility Plan and/or make it easier for your employees to improve their career path.


Analysis, regulation and remote management: we offer you a negotiated energy price and solutions to optimise your energy consumption and reduce your environmental footprint.


Whether you want to normalise your waste treatment practices or make them even more green and efficient, we support you.


In search of constant high-performance innovation, we select the most effective solutions and deploy them at your service.


PropTech, the office real estate facilitator

PropTech (Property Technology) describes all the technology services that relate to real estate, from promotion to transaction, from building materials to connected objects. It is now profoundly transforming commercial real estate. At Société de la Tour Eiffel, we make three tools available to tenants.


Simplification at every level

Our PropTech partners

In keeping with our founder’s taste for the avant-garde, we partner with innovative companies to offer the most effective solutions on the market to our tenants, while allowing these solution providers to develop their products.

(operated by Aegilim)

Energisme is a software platform dedicated to energy performance and is rolled out across the entire assets of Société de la Tour Eiffel. The solution offers predictive modelling tools to anticipate and optimise its consumption. Our tenants benefit from a space that allows them to monitor their consumption. The optimisation of this tool is ensured by Aegilim, particularly as part of the Eco-Energy Tertiary plan.

Orchestra’s solution to simplify the administrative management of leases consists of a number of tools: contract management, automation, document archiving and payment simplification are thus combined on a single interface for our clients.

Kolimmo, a collaborative platform for managing requests for intervention and documentation exchange, makes it easier and faster to manage events and the life of the building by maintaining traceability, thereby enabling their analysis. Société de la Tour Eiffel also uses it as a tool to measure tenant satisfaction, as part of a process to improve practices.


Since 2015, we have been providing our business expertise to Société de la Tour Eiffel, with which we share the view of the challenges of tomorrow’s commercial real estate, such as digitalisation. We co-build a platform that will allow Société de la Tour Eiffel to become the first property company to benefit from a comprehensive view of its assets in order to better control and better manage them. This innovative solution will include legal elements, urban planning, uses, associated services, technical indicators, as well as environmental and energy performance data.

  • Yves Sanchez
  • Chief Executive Officer of Egide

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