Our commitments

A cross-business and recognised approach

In terms of CSR, Société de la Tour Eiffel is implementing a demanding, cross-business approach that fully aligns with its strategic objectives. Our policy, built to meet the needs of our tenants and our ecosystem, is recognised by many players.

A real estate company
sustainably committed

Société de la Tour Eiffel is recognised for its commitment and the way it brings it to life. For many years, the Group has won several awards and certifications.




Société de la Tour Eiffel
was once again rewarded at the EPRA Awards 2023(1) for the performance of its financial and sustainability reporting. The real estate company was awarded, and this for the sixth year in a row, an EPRA Gold Award for its transparency for Finances. It passed from an EPRA Silver Thophy to  an EPRA Gold Award for ESG information.

(1) the EPRA Awards are the result of a study of the annual documents published by European real estate companies, depending on their level of consideration of the EPRA (European Public Real Estate) Best Practices Recommendations.




Société de la Tour Eiffel
won four Green Stars out of five as part of the 2023 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) questionnaire for its environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. It is the second year that the company obtains this level of ranking. It shows the performance of its assets on various criteria, including waste production, water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions.




Société de la Tour Eiffel
is also included in 2021 in the Gaïa Rating ESG ranking, which enables companies to be placed on the basis of their level of transparency of non-financial performance, assessed over three years. For this first year of ranking in 2020, Société de la Tour Eiffel was ranked 3rd in the listed SME/MID-CAP category, whose turnover is less than €150 million, in 2021 it was second. In 2022, the company obtained a score of 82/100 when the average benchmark score was 57/100. Governance, social aspect, environmental pillar, relations with external stakeholders: the rating reveals a constant development of the real estate company on each of the aspects subject to evaluation over the three years under review, a good indicator of the relevance of the CSR action plan.

Dual certification

Tenant satisfaction and environmental responsibility guide our work. Since December 2016, TEAM Conseil, the wholly-owned subisdiary operating the portfolio, has been certified for its professional and environmental practices.




ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Our CSR partnerships

Our commitments are also part of a partnership approach. Clients, associations, companies: change management is necessarily collective.


Société de la Tour Eiffel is supported in its CSR policy by partner companies such as Aegilim, an expert in energy management and specialised in support for the Eco-energy tertiary and Wild Trees plan, an engineering and consulting company on environmental, energy and climate issues. Asset certifications are overseen by our Environmental Research Offices SINTEO, G-ON, ELAN.


Société de la Tour Eiffel is a member or partner of several local or sectoral associations. Among them are the Sustainable Real Estate Observatory (Observatoire de l’immobilier Durable), a recognised association of general interest, which is a major player in terms of sharing knowledge and best practices or the Booster of reuse (Booster du Réemploi), a collective initiative led by 30 contracting authorities to promote the reuse of construction materials. We are also committed to companies using disabled staff such as Café Joyeux or La Ruche.


Société de la Tour Eiffel has adhered to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact since 2014. It publishes a Communication on Progress annually in which it shows its contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is available here (French version only).


When synergies exist, Société de la Tour Eiffel develops the relationship with some of its clients towards a commercial partnership. This is particularly the case with Daïkin, a climate engineering company with which we are working on replacing old equipment on our assets with new and environmentally efficient equipment. This is also the case with Geofit Expert, a company providing services in geomatics and soil rights, or recently with Enerchauf, which maintains the technical installations at some of our sites.

Our memberships

Charter for parity
in the real estate sector


Through SIMI 2021, Christel Zordan, CEO of Société de la Tour Eiffel, has signed the charter for parity in the real estate sector. Launched at the initiative of the “Cercle des Femmes de l’Immobilier”, the French association for women in real estate, this charter perfectly aligns with our CSR policy.

“Le Cercle des Femmes” is an independent association made up of over a hundred members from throughout the real estate sector, created over 25 years ago with the goal of promoting women in the industry and instilling the following values and ambitions:

UNITING women who are recognised by their colleagues, representing all fields in the real estate world;

CREATING a peer support network;

SHARING thoughts on new ways of doing things;

DISCUSSING current topics (visits, workshops);

GUIDING younger professionals in the “Cercle Complice” associate network, as well as start-ups in the “Club des Entrepreneuses” women entrepreneurs’ club.

Société de la Tour Eiffel is proud to be fully committed to recruiting, offering assistance to and promoting female talent in its teams and, to a greater extent, in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Download the Charter
for parity in the real estate sector (French version only)

Charter for the Energy Efficiency
of Tertiary Buildings


To reduce energy consumption and further efforts towards energy sobriety, the French government tasked the Plan du Bâtiment Durable (Sustainable Buildings Plan, PBD) and Ademe (French Environment Agency) with an initiative that produced two commitment charters. Société de la Tour Eiffel has signed the commitment charter for private operators in the commercial real estate sector, which you will find below. This charter replaces that implemented by the PBD in 2013 in anticipation of regulations in this area, which Société de la Tour Eiffel had already signed at the time of its launch.

The property investment company has therefore undertaken to continue to improve its energy performance, which it has been doing for more than 10 years, to implement, as far as possible, the actions listed in the appendix to the charter resulting from best practices (in particular setting temperatures of 19°C in winter and 26°C in summer), and to disclose its consumption indicators.

Download the Charter for the Energy Efficiency
of Tertiary Buildings (French version only)


An innovative means for concerted action, research and reflection on the long term and in the general interest, the Palladio Foundation works directly with the stakeholders who are or will be responsible for building the cities of tomorrow, by creating the support tools required to take a step back (Institut Palladio), prepare young talent (Pôle Avenir Palladio) and anticipate (Pôle Recherche Palladio). It was created in 2008 and brings together many real estate players. In 2021 in particular, under the aegis of the Fondation de France and in partnership with the Fabrique de la Cité, it organized the University of the City of Tomorrow. Within this framework, the Foundation drew up a charter (signed by the representative of Société de la Tour Eiffel), which forms the basis for a collective and general interest approach by calling for a renewed mode of cooperation and dialogue between those who design, build and govern cities, between those who talk about them and those who walk about them.

Download the charter
and the list of signatories (French version only)

Support for our tenants

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