Vision and strategy

Inventing tomorrow's commercial real estate

With the aim of inventing the commercial real estate of tomorrow, Société de la Tour Eiffel is an integrated global operator across the entire real estate business chain. Our strategy is guided by our client and partnership culture, real estate excellence, long-term commitment and consideration of social challenges.

  • A proactive strategy that meets the expectations of companies of all sizes and sectors
  • Supported by a shareholder structure able to invest in high-potential projects

Our vision

In line with its ambitions, the real estate company is committed to managing its real estate assets over the long term, with a strong environmental commitment. It is about accompanying urban transformations and meet the challenges of its clients and territories.

Four main social trends have been identified:

  • Aspirations for a better quality of life;
  • Shift in consumption with digitalization;
  • New urban model: local ecosystem and soft mobility;
  • Changes in working methods.

The real estate world evolves according to 4 schemes:

  • Major trend towards mixed use (new urban landscape in support of territories and development of new neighborhoods);
  • Diversification of investment (boom in senior residential sector, change in student residential sector, high demand for services and logistics/mixed-use buildings, return to local shops and development of the omnichannel approach to sales);
  • Development of regional metropolitan centres (new urban models); and
  • Environmental quality issue (decarbonization of real estate activity).


Adaptation strategy
of the portfolio

Bolstered with its perception of the major social currents, Société de la Tour Eiffel has drawn in 2022 its new roadmap. By adapting its assets, it can become better able to seize the opportunities for yield by taking positions not only in offices, which will of course continue, but also in urban business/logistics premises, business parks, managed residential and mixed-use assets. This decision to diversify will also mean pursuing a bigger presence in the major regional metropolises. The Company will remain aligned with its core business by maintaining 2/3 of its assets in Greater Paris. The target for diversifying out of offices has been set at 1/3 of the asset portfolio.

To reach this target portfolio beakdown by location and type of use, the company will count on three leverages: disposals, acquisitions and developments.

Our 5 strategic pillars to date

Always target tenant satisfaction

Generate secure and growing cash flows sustainably

Be part of the territory in connection with elected representatives in charge of economic development and understand the changing markets

Reduce our environmental footprint significantly

Attract and retain talent in a spirit of trust and solidarity


in rentals or rental renewals
signed in 2022


invested in professional associations and sponsorship



Société de la Tour Eiffel is organised on a “pure player” real estate model with long ownership of assets, backed by a leading institutional shareholder (SMA group) with an experienced team in Acquisitions, Development, Asset Management and Rental, Technical and Environmental Management.

Our growth strategy

  • Acquistion of secure assets
  • Development of new properties on existing land or to be acquired

Our strengths


Commercial real estate company with a target portfolio comprising 2/3 of assets in the Greater Paris and 1/3 in the major regional metropolises as well as 2/3 in offices and 1/3 in urban business/logistics premises, business parks, managed residential and mixed-use assets.


Société de la Tour Eiffel offers quality assets with suitable rents in recent buildings close to transport. 80% of our Greater Paris assets are certified or in the process of being certified.



The Company has an occupancy rate of 82% and exceptional recovery. We favour long leases and quality tenants.




Operating throughout the real estate cycle, we are developing a local culture that serves our tenants.



The know-how of our operational team comprised entirely of experts is recognised.


Our human-sized team and the trust of our leading shareholder allow us to make quick and efficient decisions.


Thanks to a leading institutional shareholder offering stability and financial resources and high-quality banking relationships, the Company has a financial capacity to seize expansion opportunities.

Our assets

Our ESG contribution