Operational teams

Experience and professionalism

Executive Management leads teams organised by TEAM Conseil into three business divisions supported by support functions, in charge of corporate activities and the Company’s communication.

Executive Management
and TEAM Conseil

Christel Zordan, Chief Executive Officer, lead a team of more than 50 experienced professionals. It is around this team that TEAM Conseil, a 100% subsidiary of Société de la Tour Eiffel, brings together the Group’s operational resources.

Christel Zordan

Chief Executive Officer

Members of the
Executive Committee

Anne Gillet-Feillon

Portfolio Management Director

Nicolas Ingueneau

Investment and Development Director

Odile Batsère

CSR and Innovation Director

Frank Lutz

Chief Financial Officer

Khadija Jaafar

Legal Director

and Support Functions

Our activities are structured around three complementary divisions that allow us to operate across the entire real estate value chain. These divisions are supported by corporate and communication support functions.



Headed by Nicolas Ingueneau, the Investment and Development Division is in charge of:

  • advising on the acquisition of real estate and/or assets and all phases of transactions, from the search for opportunities or buyers, to due diligence and negotiations;
  • planning and structuring operations (from defining to conducting operations) to enhance the Group’s real estate reserves.


    The Portfolio Management division, headed by Anne Gillet-Feillon, groups together asset management, technical management and rental and accounting management. With a view to enhancing the value of our real estate portfolio, the teams work together across the board to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our tenants. The department is the guarantor of close relations between landlords and tenants, and has a global vision of asset issues (rental, administrative, environmental and technical), tenant needs, the services to be provided and the keys to improving tenant satisfaction.

    Headed by Odile Batsère, the CSR and Innovation division created in 2022 is dedicated to the implementation of the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance policy and the extra-financial communication, taking care also of the Innovation to enhance the company’s performances.


    Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, in charge of general accounting, reporting, the preparation of the annual and half-yearly financial statements and the Group’s financial reporting and cash management.

    In addition, the Marketing and Communications Department, develops and implements the Group’s communications strategy.

    Headed by the Human and General Resources Responsable, directly reporting to the General Management, this department secures the loyalty and attractivity for talents and manages the internal skills as well as provides to the employees the material resources they need to carry out their mission.




    ISO 9001


    ISO 14001


    in 10 major areas

    In 2016, TEAM Conseil received a dual ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environment) certification. This dual certification was renewed in 2019 after audit by AFNOR. It guarantees the professionalism of the teams and the subsidiary’s environmental involvement. TEAM Conseil has also implemented a Quality & Environment policy based on its 5 strategic pillars. Through this policy, it undertakes to comply with 10 major priorities:


    Rigorous financial management


    Control of the environmental impacts
    of the asset portfolio and head office


    The acquisition of secured assets


    Environmental protection
    and pollution prevention


    The management of green building assets
    (labelled and/or certified) with control
    of the impact of buildings


    Compliance with legal requirements
    and other requirements applicable
    to TEAM Conseil


    Tenant well-being


    Involvement of external stakeholders
    in the CSR policy


    Monitoring employee
    and client satisfaction


    Communication adapted to the activity


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