General Meetings

Meet to inform and meet to decide

The General Meeting represents an essential time for the presentation, expression and decision-making of our Group. On this page you will find the methods and documents that will allow you to take part.

Duties and operations

There are two types of general meetings:

The Ordinary General Meeting meets at least once a year, within six months of the end of the financial year. This is a highlight of the Group’s life, as it is an opportunity to present to our shareholders the development of our business, approve the financial statements, explain our management, or make decisions that matter for the future of our company. During this type of meeting, all decisions are taken by a simple majority of the votes present or represented.

The Extraordinary General Meeting is convened to vote on any resolution whose implementation amends the capital or articles of association of our group. Major decisions are taken by a majority of 2/3 of the shareholders present or represented.


This depends on your status:

If you are a registered shareholder, the account holder (Societe Generale) will send you a notice by letter no later than 15 days before the general meeting.

If you have another status, you can find the dates of general meetings on this page, by consulting the financial press or the Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires (BALO) where we publish our meeting notices at least 35 days before the date of the general meeting and our notice of meeting at least 15 days before the general meeting.

General Meeting of 15 May 2024

Documents published at the end of the GM

(Documentation in French)

Remuneration policy approuved by the AGM of 2024 May 15 (French only)

241 Ko

Voting results following the 2024 May 15 AGM (French only)

391 Ko

Press release following the Annual General Meeting of May 15, 2024

249 Ko

Preparatory documents for the GM

(Documentation in French)

Brochure de convocation

1.5 Mo

Rapport spécial du Conseil d’Administration sur les attributions gratuites d’actions

300 Ko

Formulaire de vote à distance

1.6 Mo

Avis de réunion

503 Ko

Texte des projets de résolution

272 Ko

Fiches renouvellement des mandats d’administrateurs et censeurs

147 Ko

Rapport des commissaires aux comptes sur l’émission d’actions avec maintien et/ou suppression du DPS

328 Ko

Rapport des commissaires aux comptes sur l’émission de titres réservée au profit des adhérents d’un PEE

239 Ko

Rapport des Commissaires aux Comptes sur l’autorisation d’attribution d’actions gratuites

242 Ko

Rapport des Commissaires aux comptes sur la réduction du capital

215 Ko

Nombre de droits de vote et d’actions au 8 avril 2024

74 Ko

Attestation du montant versé aux cinq personnes les mieux rémunérées

248 Ko

Attestation mécénat

285 Ko

Communiqué de mise à disposition des documents préparatoires à l’AG

192 Ko

Avis de convocation

145 Ko


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