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As our businesses and society transform, talent is more than ever the most valuable resource of our company. Attracting them, retaining them and enabling them to excel is a major component of our overall strategy.

Working at
Société de la Tour Eiffel

Joining Société de la Tour Eiffel means joining a group that places team spirit, professionalism, valuing and recognising skills, anticipation and trust at the heart of its HR policy.
Through our management methods, the importance we attach to training and the working environment we offer, we make every effort to ensure the well-being, fulfilment and development of our employees at work.

Our HR policy

Société de la Tour Eiffel’s HR policy is built around three priorities:


Train employees and develop their skills.


Preserve the DNA of the company and the quality of life within it.


Recruitment of new talent.


The cost of training accounts for more than 3,16 % of the payroll. We are also committed to the training of our employees, of which 100 % of employees on environmental issues.


Thanks to the internal ethics charter inspired by the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to preserving the quality of life at work for our employees, paying particular attention to equality between women and men.


The well-being of each member of the company is one of our concerns. Pleasant premises, specialised tools, English or massages are offered to promote the development of all.


Société de la Tour Eiffel thus ensures employee loyalty, which is key to the quality of its services, and maintains a voluntary turnover of less than 6%.

Our strategy

Our talents