Greater Paris

Société de la Tour Eiffel, Greater Paris real estate company

As a key player, we select high-potential sites and stand side by side with local players to support the transformation of this fast-developing region, a place of ambition and opportunity for our current and future clients.

A strategic choice

Greater Paris, with its excellent geographical/rental location and strong potential, is a strategic development area for Société de la Tour Eiffel. We dedicate ourselves to the metropolis with the aim of increasing the share of our assets from 75% today to 80% in this highly attractive area.

Our location strategy consists of selecting dynamic service centres or strong business parks, in the inner and outer suburbs, and served by efficient and suitable public transport, while seizing high-potential opportunities. We aim for a harmonious and dense location to best serve our tenants and the spaces in which we invest. To do this, we can count on a strategy in line with the Greater Paris project, a long-term culture, a capacity to build strong partnerships and act on the entire real estate cycle.


of the surface area of our assets,
or more than 374 580 m²


client satisfaction in Greater Paris in 2022

Our latest achievements

Innovative, open, in line with environmental, societal, social and technological transitions: our portfolio contains buildings that satisfy our tenants and our pride. Learn more about them.



Supporting the transformation
of Greater Paris

The Paris conurbation is being transformed into a major global metropolis of the twenty-first century. Multi-polar, connected, attractive, balanced: this new space is a vector of formidable ambitions. True to our values, we are committed to working with local elected officials, regional agents and companies to develop the economic and environmental attractiveness of this major project for the future.


Around the Greater Paris Express

Large-scale project

Whether we have assets or intend to acquire them, we are seeing developments related to the Greater Paris Express. From the construction of new automatic metro lines to the extension of existing lines by 2024-2030, this large-scale project is reshaping the balance of the Paris region, increasing its attractiveness and giving rise to needs that Société de la Tour Eiffel can meet thanks to its location and expertise.


With Société de la Tour Eiffel, we have worked on our needs as part of the refurbishment of our new headquarters. From lease negotiations to construction, maintenance and upkeep topics, our discussions were detailed and constructive. Our new buildings on the Saclay plateau are brighter and more functional. Beyond this arrival, we have worked together on waste treatment, green spaces and the plan to travel to the park: we work as partners.

  • Arnaud Martin
  • Director of the Assets and Construction Department
    Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community

Our strategy

Our commitments