Social impact

to its value chain

Société de la Tour Eiffel is fully aware of its interactions with the various stakeholders within its ecosystem. The company builds well-balanced relations with them and seeks to engage them on the sustainable development issues it considers important.

Co-construction in stakeholder relations

As they are the key to achieving the sustainable value creation model it has opted for, stakeholder relations are at the heart of the company’s concerns. Three categories stand out in particular.


without whom Société de la Tour Eiffel would not be sustainable, and we invite you to read the dedicated page.


without which Société de la Tour Eiffel would have no reality, and we invite you to read the dedicated page.


without whom Société de la Tour Eiffel would not be able to develop its strategy, and we invite you to read the dedicated page.


More than simply providing services, Suppliers are part of the Société de la Tour Eiffel value creation chain and, in 2020, it introduced a Responsible Purchasing – Supplier Relations charter (French version only), under which it imposes on its service providers the CSR commitments to which it itself subscribes. In 2023, it is in the process of launching a questionnaire with a panel of regular service providers, from all the Company’s operational departments and support functions, in order to find out more about their practices in this area, with the aim of defining a policy in relation with them that is realistic, ambitious and provides incentives, particularly in terms of carbon and social issues.


The Company is committed to total transparency with this group of stakeholders. In particular, it voluntarily publishes its Extra-Financial Performance Declaration, which is audited by an independent third-party organisation.
Since 2022, the Company has also decided to publish, again on a voluntary basis, the information needed to calculate the mandatory indicators of negative impact on the environment as part of the reporting process under Regulation 2019/2088, known as the Disclosure Regulation, to which financial players are subject (SFDR). This information, disclosed in the appendix to the Extra-Financial Performance Declaration, will enable the real estate company’s shareholders to quickly gather the information they need to calculate their own indicators.
The Company is also careful to limit the risk of environmental obsolescence of its assets, as this could ultimately have an impact on their financial value.

Working closely with tenants

Supporting the Territories

Growing the teams