A real estate company serving its tenants

Listed and integrated property company specialised in the commmercial real estate market in Greater Paris and major regional metropolises, Société de la Tour Eiffel has an identity marked by a culture of services, proximity, and innovation benefitting its tenants.

  • In-house and direct real estate management, without intermediation
  • Partnership with local authorities for operating methods

Who are we?

Société de la Tour Eiffel is an integrated commercial real estate company with a powerful service culture. An agile operator, it works across multiple asset classes (offices, logistics, managed residential, retail) located in Greater Paris and the major regional metropolises. It is active throughout the real estate cycle, supporting its tenants, companies of all sizes and sectors, via a rigorous direct management process. Société de la Tour Eiffel takes a pro-active cross-disciplinary approach to CSR that is fully integrated with its business strategy. Proximity, demand, expertise and sustainability characterize us in the performance of our business lines.

Our business model

(or “shared value creation”)


Our ressources and expertise allow us to optimize the opportunities offered by our environment in order to create value on the short-, medium- and long-term for our stakeholders.





54 employees

66% of the executives are women

45 years old, average age



Pure player of institutional real estate

Agile and efficient Board of Directors thanks to complementary of expertise

Clear vision of tomorrow’s real estate



€1.8Bn in assets

€680M in net debt

38.1% Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio

Number of shares: 16,611,314




88% of certified Grand Paris office assets

Biodiversity actions

CSR Committee



Assets of 558,440 m2 in France,
of which 75% Grand Paris
and 25% in regions

510 leases



720 suppliers

Strong ties with communities
and public bodies

Code of Ethics

Responsible Purchasing Charter
and Supplier Relations

Company Foundation



Have as a permanent objective the satisfaction of our tenants

Generate secure and growing cash flows sustainably

Be part of the territory in connection with elected representatives, stakeholders, economic development and understand the changing markets

Reduce our environmental footprint significantly

Attract and retain talent in a spirit of trust and solidarity


By deploying the expertise of our teams

we invest in the long term

and switch towards strategic refocusing

we build and maintain

our assets for the long term

we create the conditions

for a mutually beneficial partnership with each of our clients

we add value to our assets

by looking at them over the long term and making them attractive to clients and their employees while controlling costs


Our shared value creation


Offering high-performance assets and developing
solid and embodied client support

80% of the assets on the whole portfolio are certified

70% tenant satisfaction

79% of the assets benefit from at least a service offer for the tenant’s employees

Digitalisation of tools



Promoting well-being at work
and skills development

720 hours of training for our teams (3.5% of the payroll)

100% of employee shareholders, incentive schemes and profit-sharing from 6 months of service

Preferred autonomy: Teleworking charter

Employee retention (low turnover)


Ensuring transparency of information
and resilience of the model

Dilution of rental risk

Recovery rate: 99%

€14M from leases signed or renewed

Current cash flow €30.3M

€49.1 ANR EPRA NTA per share

Dividend proposed at €0.75



Promoting business ethics
and building long-term relationships

Long-term player in land use planning

€16.2M in property taxes and accumulated office taxes

Pipeline in the process of being regenerated

Payment terms normally allocated

Jobs supported on sites and in territories

Company Foundation and partnerships (€247K in grants – patronage)



Reducing our CO2 emissions
and optimising use of resources

Constant improvement in energy performance

100% of properties delivered are certified

Climate risk mapping for 100% of assets

Circular economy: membership of the materials “Reuse Booster”

100% of renewable of energies (EDF framework contract)


trends in our market

Territorial transformation
and diversity

Ecological transition
and mobility

Societal evolution
and teleworking

Digital revolution
and logistics

Our vision and strategy

Our assets