Article posted on : 01/12/2022

Société de la Tour Eiffel completes forward purchase of a reversible mixed-use building in Lyon


– Société de la Tour Eiffel and VINCI Immobilier complete the forward purchase of reversible mixed-use “Manufacture” building in Part-Dieu, Lyon (69)

Société de la Tour Eiffel has acquired a 3,500 m² reversible mixed-use complex in a state of future completion from VINCI Immobilier.

A high-end Lyon-based deal in a popular district undergoing a revival

Located at 5 Rue Danton (3rd arrondissement), the Manufacture plan will provide 2,000 m² of office space that can reverse to housing, 1,300 m² of living area divided into 19 apartments, and street-level businesses including a restaurant.

The building’s location near the Lyon la Part-Dieu station and the future multi-modal platform will offer optimal access for active people who want to enjoy the district’s cultural and economic vibrancy.

A reversible building with advanced environmental performance

The structure, designed by PietriArchitectes, is aiming for ambitious certifications including HQE B.D. “Excellent”. It will be connected to district heating and cooling to limit the project’s carbon impact. In addition, the building was designed to switch between office and living space. Its framework allows both kinds of use, and the transition has no impact on the carbon footprint.

Located on former lots that were completely impermeable, this operation will dedicate ample space to greenery by means of a street garden, green roofs, as well as terrace and rooftop plantings.

As part of the “1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre” [1 building, 1 work] charter signed by both Société de la Tour Eiffel and VINCI Immobilier, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, artist Thomas Voillaume will create “Face à face” [face to face], a 3.5m high sculpture of a giant’s head resting on the ground.

This deal fits perfectly into our new roadmap of being a property company rising to regional and societal challenges. We’re positioning ourselves in the region with a reversible, mixed-use and sustainable property in a district with great growth potential. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting urban transformation, just like the City of Lyon, which has been working toward this goal for many years,” says Christel Zordan, Chief Executive Officer of Société de la Tour Eiffel.

“The architecture and the name, Manufacture, preserve the memory of this land’s industrial past, as a totally built-up brownfield. This is an urban recycling project that restores nearly 500 m² of green space to the city centre. It fits with VINCI Immobilier’s environmental strategy of Zero Net Artificialisation by 2023. In addition, it’s fully reversible, meaning that in the future we’ll be able to transform office space into housing without touching the building envelope (structure and exterior joinery),” adds Stéphane Reymond, Deputy General Manager for VINCI Immobilier.



Developer: VINCI Immobilier

Investor: Société de la Tour Eiffel

Architect: PietriArchitectes

Total Surface Area: 3,900m²


  • 2,000 m² office space reversible into housing
  • 1,300 m² of living space divided into 19 apartments
  • 600 m² of businesses including a restaurant
  • Certifications/Labels Sought:
    • HQE B.D. “Excellent”, WiredScore “Certified”, BBC Effinergie 2017 (E2 C1 + RT 2012 – 20%) and Ready to Osmoz for office space
    • NF Habitat for housing

Project Launch: November 2022
Handover: End of 2024


Contact: Media Relations– Laetitia Baudon – Consulting Director – Agence Shan


Photo Credit: VINCI Immobilier – ECDM – Markus