Article posted on : 05/09/2023

Foundation Société de la Tour Eiffel is delighted with the success of the fifth edition of its competition

Fondation Société de la Tour Eiffel is delighted with the success of the fifth edition of its competition dedicated to students of French architecture Schools
“mutatis mutandis – one building, several lives”
Call for ideas for the conversion of an 8,000 m² historic building complex belonging to Société de la Tour Eiffel in Bagneux

Fondation Société de la Tour Eiffel Corporate is delighted with the success of the fifth edition of its competition entitled “MUTATIS MUTANDIS – ONE BUILDING, SEVERAL LIVES”. The competition, organised in partnership with the SMA BTP “Excellence SMA” foundation and with the support of Studio Base 2, has sparked great interest among students of French architecture schools.

Created in 2007, the Foundation’s aim is to promote creativity and innovation in buildings and their surrounding environment, drawing on the Group’s activities and portfolio.

Registration for the competition closed on 16 July 2023, and the Foundation recorded a very high number of entries from 391 students, both undergraduates and people enrolled in masters programmes, with a total of 267 individual or team entries. These figures testify to the enthusiasm of budding architects for the challenge of converting the historic 8,000 m² building complex owned by Société de la Tour Eiffel in Bagneux (Hauts-de-Seine).

Approximately 52% of the participants came from schools in Paris and the Île-de-France region, where the Paris Val de Seine, Paris La Villette and Paris Belleville schools were the main representatives. Students from regional architecture schools accounted for 48% of registrants, with ENSA Montpellier and ENSA Lyon leading the way, closely followed by ENSA Toulouse. The remarkable balance between male and female students, each representing 50% of registrants, bears witness to the diversity and passion that drive the young generation of architects.

Fondation de la Société de la Tour Eiffel would like to thank all the students set to take part in this call for ideas and who will undoubtedly demonstrate their creativity and innovation in their proposals for the conversion of this historic 8,000 m² property owned by Société de la Tour Eiffel and located at 196 rue Henri Ravera in Bagneux (Hauts de Seine). The conversion project will be required to address architectural, landscaping, urban and functional challenges, and be suitable for mixed use (work, leisure, services, shops, hotels, etc.), We firmly believe that the projects submitted will reflect a promising vision for the future of architecture and the built environment,” said Christel Zordan, Chief Executive Officer of Société de la Tour Eiffel.

The students will hand in their proposal on the 15th of October at the latest.

The panel, chaired by Myriam Larnaudie-Eiffel, President of the Association des Descendants de Gustave Eiffel, will meet in November to review the projects, which can be submitted until mid-October, and select the winners. The panel will include Didier Ridoret (Chairman of the Foundation), Xavier Soule (Registered Architect, CEO of Studio Base 2), Céline Bouvier (Registered Architect, Agence Bouvier et Lobjoy), Emmanuel Caille (Registered Architect, Chief Editor of D’A magazine), Alexandre Labasse (Registered Architect, CEO of APUR), Yves Laffoucrière (Chairman of Plan BIM, Director of the Foundation) and Bertrand Lemoine (Registered Architect, Director of the Foundation), as well as Christel Zordan (CEO of Société de la Tour Eiffel and Deputy Chairwoman of the Foundation).

The results will be announced at an awards ceremony.

Aims of the “Mutatis Mutandis – One building, several lives” competition

  • Respect the memory of the building and preserve its outstanding authenticity, including its façade.
  • Be visionary by combining technical intelligence and forward-looking design for tomorrow’s living spaces (work, leisure, services, shops, hotels, etc.).
  • Facilitate reversibility/mutability and building lifecycle management.
  • Incorporate the latest technical and technological developments in construction and materials (recovery/recycling).
  • Consider new models and trends in the organisation of work and life that are leading to a reconsideration of what constitutes an office and, more broadly, of space.
  • Take into account expectations and new requirements in terms of sustainable development and the circular economy, energy consumption, decarbonisation, safety, health and accessibility.


  • 1st Prize: €10,000 + professional software & training
  • 2nd Prize: €8,000 + professional software & training
  • 3rd Prize: €7,000 + professional software & training

Practical information

  • Deadline for submissions: 15 October
  • November: judges’ decision and prize-giving ceremony


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About Fondation Société de la Tour Eiffel
In 2007, Société de la Tour Eiffel established its corporate foundation, determined to take a proactive approach to the Group’s activities and assets. Its purpose is to promote creativity and innovation in buildings and their surrounding environment, in keeping with the innovative spirit of Gustave Eiffel, to contribute to the development of team spirit and encourage exchanges between professionals in the construction and real estate industries (architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape designers, visual artists, craftspeople, etc.), to encourage the professional integration of young people and to contribute to the promotion of Gustave Eiffel and his work.

About the Excellence SMA corporate foundation
Excellence SMA is SMABTP’s corporate foundation dedicated to quality in construction and prevention. It also aims to improve the safety of people and property, by raising awareness and providing information to all those involved. Its actions are built on three pillars: reducing claims, promoting professional excellence and developing research and innovation. Excellence SMA also supports young people in training.

About Studio Base 2
As a leader in Open BIM technologies and services for architects and professionals in the construction, design and urban planning sectors, Studio Base 2 supports students during their courses by making its solutions available to them free of charge, including Artlantis, its benchmark photorealistic rendering and animation solution. Compatible with all modelling software and available in over 110 countries, Artlantis and its MediaStore offer thousands of characters, plants, materials, furniture, etc. (generic or branded) to be integrated into 3D scenes to bring life and realism to any architectural project.


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