Article posted on : 04/02/2022

Société de la Tour Eiffel welcomes artists in Aubervilliers

– Pop-up occupancy

Société de la Tour Eiffel welcomes Poush to Aubervilliers, to create an innovative third space for artists in the Greater Paris area

Société de la Tour Eiffel signs its first pop-up residency agreement, letting its Aubervilliers site to Poush, France’s leading incubator for artists, founded by cultural entrepreneur Manifesto, which runs cultural and artistic events.

The site comprises the old L.T. Piver perfume factory, a classic French industrial complex acquired by Société de la Tour Eiffel in 1999. It will now become home to Poush for 24 months starting in March.

An innovative cultural and artistic space enhancing the appeal of Aubervilliers and Greater Paris

This stunning example of French industrial heritage is located at 153, avenue Jean Jaurès in Aubervilliers. It covers 22,000 m² over 12 buildings and is pending major renovation to reintegrate it into the innovative and fast-transforming district of Aubervilliers.

Before this renovation, but after initial reconditioning work to get it ready to welcome Poush, Société de la Tour Eiffel will collaborate with the Poush teams to turn this space into a creative cultural district, imbued with the vitality of the French artistic scene. Resident artists will not only get workshops but also a whole package of artistic, production, administrative and communications support. Poush is a space for exhibitions and debate. It brings together an iconic selection of established or emerging artists – sculptors, painters, designers, curators and other creatives, working alone, in groups or collectives – to share multiple collaborations, ambitions and projects. The project is also a way to generate close collaboration with the local community, creating mediation spaces for educational institutions, throwing the space open to local residents and mounting different events.

I am proud of this project, a first for Société de La Tour Eiffel. As a real estate company, we have a role to play in supporting efforts by cities and regions to create urban projects. Pop-up occupancy has emerged as a fantastic way to enhance the urban fabric and foster solidarity-based transitional urbanism, tailored to the habits and expectations of citizens. We expect to strike other partnerships to make our assets available during the unavoidable spells of inoccupancy in the early stages of redevelopment. We will soon be signing up to the charter for temporary and transitional occupation.” said Christel Zordan, Chief Executive Officer of Société de la Tour Eiffel.

Thanks to the commitment of Société de la Tour Eiffel, we can relocate Poush to a huge industrial campus in Aubervilliers, redeploy our support for artists, and create unprecedented interactions with the community in this fast-developing district of Greater Paris.”, said Hervé Digne and Laure Colliex.

This multi-dimensional space offers sculptors and painters the opportunity to experiment with new collaborations, cross-fertilise with other disciplines – dance, performance, music – and share the tools we put at their disposal. It is a chance to imagine events that are yet more impactful, works that are yet more monumental, and is a powerful showcase for artists on the French and international scene.” explained Yvannoé Kruger, Poush’s artistic director.

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