• "LINÉA" - 15 764 m² - 92800 PUTEAUX
  • "CITY ZEN" - 6 829 M² - 92500 RUEIL MALMAISON
  • LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON – 16 597 m²
  • "TOPAZ" - 14 106 M² - 78640 VELIZY
  • CAMPUS EFFISCIENCE - 14 763 m² - 14000 CAEN
  • "BERLIOZ" - 6 222 m² - 78280 GUYANCOURT
  • "DOMINO" - 12 341 M² - 75019 PARIS PORTE DES LILAS
  • "EIFFEL O2" - 5 200 M² - 92130 MONTROUGE
  • "CHAMPIGNY" - 14 153 m² - 94500 CHAMPIGNY-SUR-MARNE



The Eiffel campus Massy in development further to the existing 17,000 m² office building


  • 12th march 2019 post market close
    Release of 2018 annual results
  • 13th march 2019 at 8:30am
    Presentation in French for the analysts of the 2018 annual results
  • 27th may 2020 at 10:00am
    Annual general meeting held in closed session

Special Committees

Investment Committee

The main role of the Investment Committee is :

  • Review of acquisitions, disposals and developments or redevelopments of assets
  • Review of equity participations and investment in companies.

This committee comrpises four members: Marie WIEDMER BROUDER, Chair,  Christine SONNIER, Didier RIDORET and AG REAL ESTATE represented by Serge FAUTRE, MM PUCCINI represented by Jean-Yves MARY.

Independent director
Chair of the Investments Committee

Independent director



Represented by Jean-Yves Mary
Independent director

Represented by Serge Fautré
Independent director

Audit Committee

The main role of the audit committee is to :

  • oversee the conditions under which the corporate and consolidated financial statements are established,
  • verify that the company is equipped with the means (audit, accounting an legal) required to prevent risks and anomalies related to the management of the company's business.

This committee comprises three members : Bibiane de Cazenove (Chairman), Jacques Chanut and Agnès Auberty.

Independent director
Chair of the Audit Committee


represented by
Agnes Auberty

Appointment and Remunerations Committee

The main role of the remunerations committee is to :

  • ensure that the remunerations of corporate officers and changes to these remunerations are consistent with the interests of the shareholders and the performance of the company,
  • select the new directors.

This committee comprises three members : Patrick Bernasconi (Chariman), SMABTP represented by Pierre Esparbes and MUTUELLE GENERALE represented by Patrick Sagon.

Chairman of the Appointments and Compensation Committee

Represented by Pierre Esparbes


Represented by Patrick Sagon
Independent director