• "CITY ZEN" - 6 829 M² - 92500 RUEIL MALMAISON
  • "EIFFEL O2" - 5 200 M² - 92130 MONTROUGE
  • LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON – 16 597 m²
  • "LINÉA" - 15 764 m² - 92800 PUTEAUX
  • "DOMINO" - 12 341 M² - 75019 PARIS PORTE DES LILAS
  • CAMPUS EFFISCIENCE - 14 763 m² - 14000 CAEN
  • "BERLIOZ" - 6 222 m² - 78280 GUYANCOURT
  • "TOPAZ" - 14 106 M² - 78640 VELIZY
  • "CHAMPIGNY" - 14 153 m² - 94500 CHAMPIGNY-SUR-MARNE



The Eiffel campus Massy in development further to the existing 17,000 m² office building


  • 12th march 2019 post market close
    Release of 2018 annual results
  • 13th march 2019 at 8:30am
    Presentation in French for the analysts of the 2018 annual results
  • 27th may 2020 at 10:00am
    Annual general meeting held in closed session


€ 1.7bn of assets

The Company has pursed the development of its land reserves and has taken over the real estate company Affine RE rising its portfolio to 800 000 m².

€ 1.169bn of assets

The Company has pursued its investment policy and launched the development of some of its land reserves (Massy and Nanterre) and its portfolio comprises close to 500 000 m².

€ 1.135bn of assets

The company has proceeded to a capital increase amounting to €140M and has acquired four assets including the business park La Défense Nanterre Seine rising its portfolio to 487 000 m².

€ 915m of assets

A take-over bid launched by the insurance group SMA has been successful, SMA becoming the reference shareholder. Under the aegis of a new managing director, the company resumed a growth path with the acquisition of secured assets in the Paris region and the development of its land reserves. 

€ 765m of assets

The company disposed of numerous non-strategic assets whilst pursuing its objectives of deleveraging and refocusing on the Paris region.

€ 701m of assets

A new management has taken over the running of the management: Renaud Haberkorn succeeded to Mark Inch and Robert Waterland. The company refinanced its debt, undertook a major strategical shift and refocused on Paris (ex-CBD) office. 

€ 997m of assets

Following 4 years of exceptional growth, the company adopted a more prudent outlook.

€ 1.2bn of assets

End 2005, a new capital increase of € 157 million was successfully launched. In March 2006, the company began enjoying continuous trading on the B compartment of Euronext Paris was included in the EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) index.

€ 266m of assets

Mark Inch and Robert Waterland, backed by Soros Real Estate Investors, acquired the stake leading to majority control of the company. The company was transformed at the outset of 2004 into a SIIC (Société d’investissements Immobiliers Cotée) concentrating on commercial real estate. 

€ 10.5m of assets

Société de la Tour Eiffel is the heir of the compagny founded in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel whilst the Paris City took over the management of the monument in 1979.