Regions and social commitments

Supporting changes

Société de la Tour Eiffel is committed to the regions and is working towards a societal transition. As a sustainable property company, we build local relationships, build long-term relationships with all stakeholders for the benefit of all and implement good ethical practices.

Ethical practices

With a regional and societal focus, Société de la Tour Eiffel has several commitments, creating best practices for its stakeholders and for itself:

Since 2012, we have been involved in the evaluations conducted by EPRA and GRESB, which respectively issue non-financial reporting recommendations and a benchmark that rewards the policies implemented in terms of monitoring, management and risk and opportunity management.

Thanks to our internal ethics charter (French version only), 100% of our employees are committed to combating corruption.

Our CSR governance is exercised at the highest level of the company: the CSR Committees, which meet monthly, are chaired by Executive Management, demonstrating the exemplary commitment and cross-functionality of ESG issues.

In 2020, Société de la Tour Eiffel set up a Responsible Purchasing – Supplier Relations Charter (French version only) in which (French version only) it imposes on its service providers the CSR commitments to which it subscribes.

To contribute to their development, we actively participate in local bodies and professional associations. Some lobbying associations and local or national sponsorship organisations are allocated around EUR 150,000 per year. The Société de la Tour Eiffel Foundation has a three-year budget of EUR 150,000.

Performance indicators


of employees involved
in combating corruption

5* in GRESB

Ranked 5* in GRESB SILVER


CSR committee meetings
per year


paid in 2021 to local
authorities and
professional associations

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