• "TOPAZ" - 14 106 M² - 78640 VELIZY
  • "BERLIOZ" - 6 222 m² - 78280 GUYANCOURT
  • "CHAMPIGNY" - 14 153 m² - 94500 CHAMPIGNY-SUR-MARNE
  • "LINÉA" - 15 764 m² - 92800 PUTEAUX
  • LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON – 16 597 m²
  • "EIFFEL O2" - 5 200 M² - 92130 MONTROUGE
  • CAMPUS EFFISCIENCE - 14 763 m² - 14000 CAEN
  • "DOMINO" - 12 341 M² - 75019 PARIS PORTE DES LILAS
  • "CITY ZEN" - 6 829 M² - 92500 RUEIL MALMAISON



The Eiffel campus Massy in development further to the existing 17,000 m² office building


  • 12th march 2019 post market close
    Release of 2018 annual results
  • 13th march 2019 at 8:30am
    Presentation in French for the analysts of the 2018 annual results
  • 27th may 2020 at 10:00am
    Annual general meeting held in closed session

Management Board and Team Conseil

TEAM Conseil, the 100 % dedicated operating subsidiary of  Société de la Tour Eiffel, comprises over 50 experienced professionals led by Thomas Georgeon, CEO of Société de la Tour Eiffel, with one Deputy Managing Director, Bruno Meyer.

Managing Director

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The real estate operational team is organized around 3 areas of expertise, namely:

  1. the Investment and Development business cluster led by Nicolas Ingueneau who is in charge of advising on the acquisition of land and/or assets and on disposals (at every phase of the transactions, from seeking opportunities or acquirers, to due diligence and negotiations) as well as the programming and arranging operations (from definition to carrying out operations) to enhance the value of the group's land reserves, often in partnership with future occupiers in the framework of off-plan lease agreements;
  2. the Asset Management & Marketing business cluster, which covers asset management, leasing, tenant monitoring and enhancing the value of the real estate portfolio, for which Cindy Drieu and Sophie Gay-Perret are jointly responsible, the former for Greater Paris and the latter for Parks and Regions. This multidisciplinary team stands out by its ability to adapt and listen to tenants;
  3. the Property, Real Estate and Environmental Management business cluster, headed by Odile Batsère, in charge of rental, administrative, environmental and technical management and setting up operations of service offerings on assets, billing of rents and charges, management and control of expenses, technical management of buildings, monitoring of works, management of regulations and environmental optimization, recovery of receivables, follow-up of claims, establishment of recommendations and budgets and multi-year work plans, reporting, and joint ownership associations. This direct link between the tenant and the owner through internalized management ensures the proximity required for a high-performance service.

The operational team is completed by a marketing and communication department entrusted to Mireille Rivier.

The Corporate activities of the Company are organized around:

  • a financial and administrative department headed by Eric Berlizon: human resources, general accounting, reporting, preparation of the annual and half-yearly financial statements and the Group's financial communication, treasury management, general services
  • a general secretariat around Catherine Wallerand for corporate and real estate legal activities in partnership with Dominique Gros, Legal and Insurance Director.


Team Conseil was awarded a dual certification for compliance with the ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environment) norms in 2016. This dual certification was renewed in 2019 after an audit by AFNOR, the French national organization for standardization, demonstrating the professionalism of the Team Conseil teams and its environmental involvement.  TEAM Conseil has also implemented a Quality & Environment policy in which it undertakes to respect 10 key issues:


1     Rigorous financial management,

2     The acquisition of secure assets,

3     Management of a property portfolio of green buildings (approved and/or certified) including control of the impact of constructions,

4     The well-being of tenants,

5     Monitoring the satisfaction of employees and customers,

6     Control of the environmental impacts of the asset portfolio and the head office,

7     Protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution,

8     Compliance with legal requirements and satisfaction with other requirements applicable to TEAM Conseil,

9     The involvement of external stakeholders in the environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy,

10   And communication tailored to the business of TEAM Conseil.