• "CITY ZEN" - 6 829 M² - 92500 RUEIL MALMAISON
  • "DOMINO" - 12 341 M² - 75019 PARIS PORTE DES LILAS
  • "TOPAZ" - 14 106 M² - 78640 VELIZY
  • "LINÉA" - 15 764 m² - 92800 PUTEAUX
  • CAMPUS EFFISCIENCE - 14 763 m² - 14000 CAEN
  • "CHAMPIGNY" - 14 153 m² - 94500 CHAMPIGNY-SUR-MARNE
  • LE PLESSIS-ROBINSON – 16 597 m²
  • "BERLIOZ" - 6 222 m² - 78280 GUYANCOURT
  • "EIFFEL O2" - 5 200 M² - 92130 MONTROUGE



The Eiffel campus Massy in development further to the existing 17,000 m² office building


  • 12th march 2019 post market close
    Release of 2018 annual results
  • 13th march 2019 at 8:30am
    Presentation in French for the analysts of the 2018 annual results
  • 28th may 2019 at 10 am
    Annual general meeting



Alain CHAUSSARD is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, the Institute of Political Studies and the National School of Statistics and Economic Administration.  He also holds a master's degree in mathematics, a diploma of advanced studies (DEA) in statistics and a DEA in finance.

After a banking career with the Crédit Lyonnais (economic studies, foreign trade, treasury and foreign exchange) and the Crédit Chimique (international director), in 1989 he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Stern Bank. He returned to the Crédit Lyonnais in 1992, when he was appointed director in charge of specialized financing and then the Group's special business. In this capacity, he was appointed president of Omnium Immobilier de Gestion and of the Salle Pleyel concert hall. Appointed Assistant Managing Director of Euris in 1996, he joined Affine as Managing Director in 1998 and became vice-President in 2000. In 2018, he resigned as Managing Director and was appointed Senior Advisor. At the time of the merger between Affine and the Société de la Tour Eiffel, he was appointed as Observer in the Board of Directors.

Moreover, Alain CHAUSSARD is president of the Société des Grands Interprètes (piano4etoiles), as well as a trustee of the Pro Musicis association and of the Institut de l’épargne immobilière et financière (IEIF).